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Forums - Sony Discussion - How PlayStation changed the world (Metro UK Article)

For me the big draw was linking the arcades which were huge where I was at least to the home.

Every time I skived off from college and every weekend, I would be at the arcades playing Tekken, Spul Calibur, Ridge Racer and Time Crisis. Then all of a sudden there is a console that allows me to play these games at home and play my music CDs which I had hundreds off, it just made sense to buy one.

The arcades would be packed with people playing these games and battling out with their characters and learning all the moves. Having a PSOne gave me an edge as I would learn shit at home and bring it to the arcades, especially with games like SF Alpha, Tekken and Soul Calibur.

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Really no need for an opinion piece article from 2019 especially when it can just be slapped into your current thread: