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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Ocean Franchise: Is the series done ?

The series certainly gets a fair amount of update/re-release attention it seems. I mean, the first title was an SNES game, yeah? Then we got a PS1 remake, a PSP remake after that and Im pretty sure I have the HD-ish remake version of the PSP title on my PS4. The second one got the PSP treatment and from what I know is getting the same PS4 re-release treatment as well. Till the end of time got an HD facelift on PS3/4 and then The Last Hope also got a PS4 facelift, with I&F being on the PS4. Meaning, once they do the 2nd game (PSP HD remake thing) you'll legit have most of the SO series on one system. That's something. I mean, maybe they're looking at sales of those to determine if they continue with the series?