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John2290 said:
Angelus said:

I disagree with almost everything you've said here.

For starters, how does one define what is and isn't rewarding to the player? For some, it may be discovering new places on a map. It may be getting a powerful new item. Completing a story quest. Leveling up. Getting to the next cutscene. Experimenting with game mechanics. Meeting, and befriending new characters. Taking screenshots in a beautiful environment. I could go on all day. Literally any number of things may be rewarding to any number of people, so if you're going to make the general assertion that some of these games aren't rewarding (be it in short play sessions or otherwise), I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.

Oh Nvm then, I'll just try Mass effect Andromeda and hope people were wrong about it.

You go ahead and do that. It has the best combat in the entire franchise, so that alone might be plenty rewarding for you.

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Xenoblade is pretty low effort, and the battle system is pretty complex. You don't get very much satisfaction playing for just an hour though.

Try Mario Odyssey. It's a masterpiece!

Just buy EDF 5 and be happy. The new spin-off is aptly named World Brothers. Now, it DOES get more complex the higher you go in the 5 difficulty levels, but there's still a nice payoff on the 2nd difficulty level. I thinks the 3rd difficulty level is the sweet spot. Pick the Ranger as your main for the most straightforward class to play as. It's fun solo or in online co-op.

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Id say MHW/Iceborne falls into this category, dont know if someone has mentioned it. Its gameplay has a certain degree of complexity and I'd say its not very friendly torwards newcomers, but once you have mastered at least one of the weapons it does become "Low effort" and I'd say killing a monster and hearing the music theme of victory is instantly satisfying in itself. Plus it has a good/accesible learning curve.

To a certain degree I can say the same about Souls games and Bloodborne.