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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Any Good Fandoms Left?

Star Wars community. Galvanized and united front if I've ever seen one. Find a better one and you get Avy control for a year.

Hell, 3 years.

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The Metal Gear Solid one is very wacky, but it's still legit.

KLXVER said:
Theres bad people in pretty much every fan group. I dont see the video games as a part of their terrible personalities.


There is no such thing as a good fandom. There's never been. A fandom is a group of people who share a common interest, anyone who shares that interest is part of that fandom. So you're talking groups of over hundreds of thousands, or millions, of people. Whenever you're talking about a group that large, you're always gonna start finding the racists, the pedophiles, all that stuff. It can't be helped. These people will show up in all walks of life, it's inevitable.

We just didn't know as much about it in the past, because these things were usually glossed over (especially if it regarded community figureheads), and also because cancel culture didn't exist. Twitter becoming the main form of online interaction is a big reason too, since it gives more visibility to short and controversial posts rather than thoughtful and positive ones. So, accusations and allegations about famous people tend to cause a much bigger stir than they used to, be they false or not - and the vast majority isn't. But, sometimes they're blown way out of proportion...

I haven't seen much about what's going on with the Smash scene, and nothing about other fandoms, though, so I can't speak much about it. I just saw two accusations against famous Smash players, both of which were clearly true, but the "victims" on them didn't look exactly guilt-free to me... that's all I'll say.

There have always been bad apples in every fandom, but until they blow up they often fly under the radar. Once they get big, it is only a matter of time.

As for Animal Crossing, it has its bad apples as well. People do scam trade and the like, which in of itself can ruin someone's day. There are still people out there selling villagers and goods for real world money as well. Hell if people other than "best friends" could take items from your island that you have placed, I am sure some of the more rotten ones would go around chopping trees, breaking rocks, and ruining all they could just for self enjoyment. Luckily step have been taken against that.

In the end, every community has a toxic side. But you do not have to interact with them unless the game is strictly online, so it should not affect your personal enjoyment overall.

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The Total War community is wholesome. Theres only 7 of us tho.

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The Kirby community, there's no more purest answer you can get. Even in it's worst corner like Kirby Hell on Facebook. They just post Kirby shitpost memes on their pages. Annoying cert, but there's never been any major conflict per say in the community.

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The Matlock fandom seems like it would be pretty chill.

Not know If this counts as a fandom but is a section of a fandom, Nintendo focused youtubers imo are superb , they talk about Nintendo without shit talking other brands , are all respectfull and dont engage in internet drama like others.


The speedrunning community is as wholesome as it gets.

I've also found no issues with the Zelda and Xenoblade fandoms.

Halo Lore fandom is my favourite. Just love going down that rabbit hole of extended universe lore with someone knowing something the other doesn’t know.

It gets tricky when the game fans get in on it cause then it just devolves into whether sprint belongs in the game (ugh)

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