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The different angles cameras in The Entire History of You (Black Mirror) was an interesting sex gimmick. I would like to try that out when they get around to making it.

Basically, different angles of the sex can be seen during sexual activity, so you don't need to worry about setting mirrors at specific angles. Also, the idea of AI-enhanced actions would be an interesting idea, to make things always look smooth and not clumsy. This would be especially good for people who are amateurish or lazy at sex.

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I have tried two VR headsets.

First was the Gear VR with my Galaxy S7
Second was Oculus Rift

I played demos for 3 minutes and then went straight into porn.

Gear VR isn't half bad for watching porn videos for "cheap." The experience is good and will wow you for quite a while actually. Just don't try JAV VR with all dem censored pixels. Just yikes in VR mode.

Oculus rift is when I tried some PC porn games. Mainly VR Kanojo as my oculus came with touch controls and etc. HOT DAMN. Could not stop playing for months even though the game itself is a very basic vanilla porn game, it's hard to get tired of the VR experience. The angles, the touching, and everything.

My biggest problem with VR has always been how clunky the entire thing is which is why I hope that eventually, it goes down to what is essentially just glasses that you have to put on. I know that's generations away but while fapping is great, it was never a very comfortable fap for me.


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