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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fans of brands (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony), what are your top 3 genres in games?

Not really a fan of brands per se, I focus on the games I like first and foremost, and the console that I gravitate towards, ends up being subordinate to that decision, rather than other way around.
That aside, I pick up weeb games, JRPGs, action adventure games and occasionally fighting games. I've historically gravitated more towards Playstation, though I've picked up Nintendo and Sega systems now and then, while I almost exclusively use PC nowadays. As for Xbox, my perception is that the Xbox is the home of FPS games, whether that's true or not, I don't know, I know Xbox has a lot more to offer than just shooters, but thinking about it now, there's probably a link between me having that perception and me never having purchased any kind of Xbox, given that I don't like FPS games.

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Xbox Fan - Nintendo fan
1- Metroidvanias ( Xbox has now more metroidvanias that Nintendo)
2- Rpgs (i was a fan de jrpgs, but with so many anime clichés, i become a wrpg player)
3- Shooters (Halo,Gears,Doom)

I had a ps1 and ps2, But Lost Oddyssey and Alan Wake make me buy a Xbox 360.