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When will NSW2 come out?

2022 Holiday 11 10.28%
2023 Spring 17 15.89%
2023 Holiday 21 19.63%
2024 Spring 35 32.71%
2024 Holiday 15 14.02%
2025 Spring 7 6.54%
2025 Holiday 0 0.00%
2026+ 1 0.93%

Eh, call me boring, I still think 2023 or 2024 is more likely.

However, I think it's less likely that the Switch will get a successor five years after release (2022) then eight years after it's release .... and tons of people seem to be predicting the former so ... this isn't too bad I guess

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I mean the amount of games right now it's not really their fault, games have been delayed bc of the virus and knowing they announce their games last minute most of the time i'm sure they had more games planned but they decided to release them later.

Drought should be done with PM and there should be more games starting there.

I’m thinking 2021 or 2022 for a successor, but I don’t think they’re going to do their usual “BURN IT ALL DOWN” strategy with the Switch when transitioning to the next generation. Rather, I expect Nintendo to keep fully supporting Switch 1 with low-end versions of Switch 2 games. And Switch 2 being more like a Smart-device successor which continues and advances on what the last device was doing.

The hardware leaves an excellent opportunity for it as well. I think it’s important that they make it simple for devs to upgrade their software quickly to take advantage of the new Switch 2 features - like adding in faster loading, higher resolutions, more effects, and higher frame rates with relative ease and a quick QA turnaround. Given how many games and updates Nintendo QA processes per week now, I think the infrastructure is there.

Also given the architecture, I think we will see at least a new form factor in 2021, if not an entirely new generation.

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I wouldn't have an issue with that, but I need a made for Switch Mario Kart game if we aren't going to get a new system for that long.

I still predict a late 2023 or 2024 release, honestly. They are going forward with the one system approach so they will want to have a large active Switch userbase when they make the *ahm* switch to the next generation :) But I am expecting it to be better supported with cross-gen releases.

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Well in classic tbone prediction style I guess this confirms 2024. You get closer than most people think you will, but usually fall short.

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I feel like Tbone is adding another year each month :P

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Isn't the Switch a platform, rather than traditional one device? I'd be ok with Switch refreshes released every 2-3 years, similar to the mobile phones. That slowly, but consequently, would phase out older models. In this case, Switch can last for over a decade, if not longer.

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curl-6 said:

After Nintendo bailed on the Wii two years too early, I'll be pleasantly relieved if they don't leave the Switch high and dry before 2023 much less 2025.

It already feels like its running on fumes in terms of software, with only one major new game in the last 7 months and only one more confirmed for the rest of the year.

Horrible take on software, we didn’t kno about paper Mario intill last month and it released next month. That could be the case for several games this year. Smash dlc confirmed that sakurai pre recorded the video in his own home meaning it’s harder to actually announced things due to the pandemic.

You use the “7” in a clever way to make NSW look worse than it is. AC came out 3 months ago, you could of said only one major game in the last 3 months but opt for 7 instead of 8 cuz Pokémon released. It’s a weird spin I see people use.

as for software, we already have some games coming, just cuz it’s not a “major game” which you claimed to be no more of (outside of thread).


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