Forums - Sony Discussion - Now that Naughty Dog is finished with the The Last of Us, its time to return to Jak and Daxter!

Nah I'd rather them work on new IP.

Something Sci-fi like what was teased multiple games - Savage Starlight would be interesting.

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
shikamaru317 said:

Many reasons:

1. Because, like I said, many don't like his writing in TLOU 2

2. Because I don't like his writing

3. Because I'm still mad at him for screwing over Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond

His games so far are successful critically and commercially, I get that, but he can keep to his own team, I want minimal involvement from him on the 2nd team. 

Sigh... People just believe anything without Proof... Its sad really...

Tough luck for him, since Neil is the vice-president of the company. So his involvement in all of the studios projects is pretty much a given. 

And believing that he was responsible for Amy’s departure without any tangible proof? Yeah... Some people gotta put the blame on anyone of anything so they can justify their hate and go on with it.