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I played the PlayStation remakes of I and II and II felt awful. It tried to go in a different route with skills instead of levels (or something like that? it's been a while) and I just didn't have fun playing it.

XIII and its sequels were a mess. I played a bit of XIII in a friend's house and my usual love for the franchise disintegrated. That didn't change when I tried the demos for the sequels.

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Type 0. Focusing on Rem and Machina murdered what little interest I had in that game as was making the good ending essentially a cop out. What the fuck? Seriously?!

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    Arguably? It's probably FF 2. Even if it pushed the story aspect of FF foward, it's combat system was a mess, and the constant switching betwenn party members just made it worse.

    Personally? probably either FF 8 or 15.

    My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

    Vodacixi said:

    OP, I think you should check the original Final Fantasy I on the NES. That thing is so bad it gave me nightmares. WTF is wrong with the accuracy system? Half the difficulty of the game is fighting against the RNG to actually land a frickin blow. And what's up with the speed stat? The game seemed to just randomly decide when everyone attacks. I guess that's where the other half of the game's challenge comes from. Sometimes my party attacks first, sometimes I have to wait for the entire group of enemies to destroy me. Which happened to be the exact same enemies that attacked after me the last time.

    I guess the game was good in 87, but today is garbage. FF XIII and XV are mediocre games, but at the very least you can play them without wanting to kill someone...

    II is a lot more broken than I imo. It has that same RNG, but also the entire leveling system is unbalanced and exploitable. I also just don’t think it’s as fun to play. I haven’t played nearly enough of them to really pick a worst tho. I can say FF7r is my favorite.

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    The thing about FFXV is that I know its reputation as being bad among some of the hardcore community and I had friends who didn’t enjoy it, but I know some of the story was split off the game in the form of a movie and anime. I just know that I used to have my own idea for a story and it seems similar to what they went with in FFXV (the main plot, not the boy band friendships) and that has me interested in its lore even though I don’t intend on playing the game.