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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Infinite the Biggest Halo? Sales Prediction


Lifetime sales of Halo Infinite?

0-3 million 3 7.69%
3-6 million 9 23.08%
6-9 million 7 17.95%
9-12 million 10 25.64%
12-15 million 6 15.38%
15-18 million 0 0%
18-21 million 2 5.13%
21-24 million 1 2.56%
above 24 million 1 2.56%
sales2099 said:

Im not sure if title is intentional, but sales only is kinda a piece of the pie. We can’t track digital purchases nor Game Pass players. I think overall players is a far more accurate metric, we simply don’t just traditionally buy games like we used to anymore.

Now if we recognize this, ima say 6-10 million. Total players across Xbox generations, Pc and Game Pass? That’s tougher but I’ll say 15-20 million. It’s gonna Pass Halo 3 and to me that’s the biggest win MS can hope for


Like many said, Gamepass really did make determining actual sales much more more difficult, but maybe in the future we will get some actual sales announcements.  The strong start to Infinite certainly makes even the largest sales predictions easily reachable.  It's good to see new life breathed into a great franchise.  

The game just launched 7 weeks ago and already at 20 million players.  That is massive.  With the delay that occurred and all the obstacles they had to overcome, this is well-deserved and well-earned.  The life-time numbers are going to be huge. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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Hard to compare something that is on Game Pass and is free-to-play vs. something that people had to fork over fifty and sixty dollars for. Actually, strike that. It's pretty much impossible lol.

Predicting 12 million lifetime. Consistent updates should give it good legs but Game Pass and F2P will limit its potential in favor of pushing subscriber count.

As for current sales, our best tool is extrapolating that from Sea of Thieves; a game that hit 25 million players in October last year, and 5 million Steam copies sold a couple of months later. I think combined, it's safe it say it sold around 7.5 million at 25 million players (October 2021), or one copy per 3-4 players.

But it goes without saying, different games have different ratios. And Halo/Forza horizon likely having a more dedicated fanbase COULD mean it was less tilted towards Game Pass and maybe even F2P in Halo's case (Does the 20 million figure count the F2P players or just Infinite campaign?)

This is hard to compare, as a lot of people will be playing on gamepass. The game could be wildly more successful than Halo 3 for all we know, but the sales numbers will never reflect that. Day 1 releases on gamepass make it hard to compare the success of modern MS games to past ones based on sales data alone.

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