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Will this affecting sales

Yes 11 42.31%
No 9 34.62%
probably 6 23.08%
half of it 0 0.00%
Torillian said:
I'd be curious to know how it did on Twitch. Youtube isn't as popular of a gaming live stream platform so Sony would have more competition on Twitch.

Same. I know that MS beat Sony on Twitch the last several E3's before Sony became a no-show at E3 in 2019, even though MS had their own competing platform with Mixer (which also got a fair many views). Worth noting that Microsoft's E3 slot was at a more favorable time for EU viewers than Sony's slot though. 

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That is very good to hear for certain! I believe it can affect sales but not in a big way. Either way, the PlayStation Brand is just as powerful as it has been.

Only major way this level of good faith can be ruined is with a bad price point. That is the next step in terms of carrying on the good will that the PS4 built. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does given their up next.

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