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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict PS5 launch Price in EU/Dollars.

victor83fernandes said:
Shiken said:

Physical: $499

Digital: $399

you must be dreaming if you believe the ps5 will be 399, that ssd alone is worth at least 150 dollars.

In reality, there are 12 low-cost chips that make almost the entirety of the ssd (at 5.5GB/s, this is way below the "doable" transfer rate with fast, hot chips). The real cost is in the custom controler but that goes under R&D as it sits inside the SoC. So I'd guess around $40-$45 for the 768GB ssd.

My guess would be $50 off for the no-disc version, so either 499/449, or 549/499 if they don't want to lose money on hardware.

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It's just a placeholder, but...

The retailer is Play-Asia, for those interested, and they seem to have removed the price tag since the article.

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Jranation said:
Having a $100 difference between the 2 models will make the digital PS5 look better in the market which will be better for Sony. A $50 difference does not have that big difference. Sort of like how Phones these days have the stadard model and the Plus model.

I think it is even possible to have

discless 825gb (or 412) for 399, disc standard PS5 499 and 1,6 Tb PS5 at 599. So they have a model they take heavy loss upfront and make up on SW, a standard model that they break even or small loss and the premium model where they profit on the HW but expect little sale.

That way they can have a cheap entry model that would twart Series S, a Premium model for anyone willing and the main model would have great anchor as the middle ground.

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