Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the most disappointing game system you've ever owned?

padib said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

This one here:

And as you can see, I even got the Kickstarter exclusive brown version no less. Not pictured: The cover plates with my username etched on them (I got those later, after I made my photo session with the console).

On the second spot: The PSOne. Hit the 3D ceiling so hard. Only game from it I liked was Tekken 3 - but got a PS2 for that

3rd place goes to the PS3: Almost no games on the console were appealing to me and those which did were mostly also on the Wii or on PC, where they were also much better-looking.

The PS3 just barely beat the N64, which hit the 3D ceiling as hard as the PSOne did, but had more interesting games than either Playstation for me.

Does the box actually say inside "Thank you for believing", or is that something else?

Yes, it does. That little Thank you came with all Kickstarter Editions of the OUYA

Here's a picture with all the contents of the box back then: