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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the most disappointing game system you've ever owned?

John2290 said:
X360. I played Alan Wake as my first game, which I bought it for and every other exclusive after that disappointed apart from some fun with Mass effect 2 and Forza. Playstation had built such a level of quality even in it's mediocre games like reaistwnce that it put the 360 to shame. I don't regret buying it though as some third party games around that time were broken on ps3 and it was great to have a place to play games like Skyrim.

Oh.. You didn't rate Halo 3 or Reach? I mean, I would understand 4.. Halo was never the same after Bungie left.

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John2290 said:
hinch said:

Oh.. You didn't rate Halo 3 or Reach? I mean, I would understand 4.. Halo was never the same after Bungie left.

Halo ODST was the closest I got to liking it after Halo CE. I did get addicted to the Halo multiplayer gor a bit, I can't remeber which one cause it was a seperate disk but I was so sure I'd like Halo I bought all that were available to that point in 2010 and was really let down, especially reach, I got sick of ODST's campaign too fairly quickly too but yeah, I guess the MP thqt came with one of the collections was a pretty high bar and very addictive. 

Not played ODST, but heard some good things about its campaign. Maybe not for everyone xP But yeah Halo CE is probably my favorite there's something about the simplicity and effectiveness of combat (gameplay) and level design that is great for singleplayer/multiplayer. The campaigns after that kinda took a downturn imo.

Might have to dig into MCC on PC!

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The Playstation 3. Was a cheap impulse buy late in its lifespan and I ended up using it mostly for watching movies and tv shows.

This one here:

And as you can see, I even got the Kickstarter exclusive brown version no less. Not pictured: The cover plates with my username etched on them (I got those later, after I made my photo session with the console).

On the second spot: The PSOne. Hit the 3D ceiling so hard. Only game from it I liked was Tekken 3 - but got a PS2 for that

3rd place goes to the PS3: Almost no games on the console were appealing to me and those which did were mostly also on the Wii or on PC, where they were also much better-looking.

The PS3 just barely beat the N64, which hit the 3D ceiling as hard as the PSOne did, but had more interesting games than either Playstation for me.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

This one here: