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Immersiveunreality said:
F0DA_SE said:

The review bombing was a certainty. This game was made exclusively to please resetera crowd.

Are you sure about that or just saying?

Just giving his alternate opinion. :)


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Are we using this as an official discussion thread now, or is there another thread I've missed?


We're now somehow up to 5,712 "user" scores on Metacritic, which is equal to fully the majority of user reviews the original game got in grand total (both versions). Amazing. The game's barely been available for 8 hours.

Carl said:
Are we using this as an official discussion thread now, or is there another thread I've missed?

It can become a discussion thread. If (and this is for everyone) you post a spoiler (which I advise trying to avoid, but in case it happens) remember to tag it. 


CGI-Quality said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Are you sure about that or just saying?

Just giving his alternate opinion. :)


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I think Abby looks like she could be Ellies big sister,they share some facial features,could be done to relate to her more easily.

I really wish Opencritic had user reviews. They wouldn't let people review bomb like this. They could have a system set up so you could only give one score of 0 a year per account. In fact all review scores could be limited per user. Something like people only being able to give out one 10/10, three 9/10, six 8/10, etc per year. If users were limited in their review scores like that, and had to actually place value on giving a game a 0/10 or 10/10, I think eventually critic reviews wouldn't be needed. IMO all critic reviews are just people that have some sort of halfway decent competent taste in games, and are professional enough not to give too many games scores on too high or low of the spectrum. By competent taste in games, I mean people like the ones on this site, that actually like games as a hobby beyond just Fifa, CoD, Madden, etc.

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Time to never come to the thread again, already Open spoilers in here


Thanks CGI.

I'm about 3 hours in so far, just got to the "free roam" part of the game and it's been quite the ride so far already. They nailed the opening, introducing you to new characters and the overall tone that the game will be taking. You can get a lot from those opening few hours.

For anyone playing it, did you spot a certain cameo right at the beginning of the game? 

They put Gustavo Santaolalla in! Playing the banjo while you walk through the town.

Edit -

Also, if you can, I highly recommend everyone to play this with a headset. The sound design is incredible, particularly when you're around clickers.

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Some major early game spoiler discussion before I get back to it.


After knowing the big early twist from leaks, I was eager to see how they actually went through with Abby killing Joel and was quite concerned over the build up and the whole handling of how shit goes down.

We get little hints that they're looking for Jackson and someone there during our first introduction to Abby. Playing as her for that short time, meeting Joel and Tommy then seeing her reaction when she finds out who they actually are really sells it that there's something wrong. She zones out as soon as she finds out they're Tommy and Joel. After that, the tension in the scene where they announce to the group who they are is something else and that shotgun to the knee comes completely out of nowhere. Really well acted scene and opening. I really liked them switching between perspectives in the lead up too.

Really digging Dina as the support character too.

Interested to hear how other people feel about that opening couple hours.