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Shame about those 3 70, would have a good chance at 97 otherwise.

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96 now

vonny said:
Shame about those 3 70, would have a good chance at 97 otherwise.

still soon to say, 97 is still very possible.

edit: nah... forget it, Polygon and Edge are probably going to snipe the score, i think it will end at 95.

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Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.

Quite the send off to one generation and the beginning of a new one for Sony within 12 hours.

Very pleased to see that scores were about as high as I expected. I predicted 95 and I think this is about where they will end up, though I will be pleased if I am wrong and it is higher.

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It's a 96 on Metacritic, they closed the gen with another high scoring game.

96 average

I’m shocked in a very positive way at the final score since so much backlash and controversy came for the game and for a minute i thought maybe the game won’t score as good as the 1st one!

Thank god Naughty Dog continues with its string of generation defining games and hopefully they never lose a beat or step since i love that studio so much with all the amazing memories they have given me with the original Crash trilogy and Crash team racing on PS1 and the whole Uncharted series on PS3 and PS4 and of course The Last of Us.

Can’t wait to continue forging new memories with The Last of Us Part ll which i have the special edition pre-ordered on AmazonUK.

I had it at 97, and I knew I would be one point off. Theres no way this game, with everything around it, was getting anything lower than 95.

96 with 79 scores.
I'll update the OP again after I wake up.