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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [RUMOR] According to Xbox fan Microsoft will rebrand Xbox Series X to " SEGA Series X " in JAPAN, EDIT: Sega announcing " Arcade cloud " Cloud gaming for Arcade store

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What do you think " if " this is tru

Unexpected 15 38.46%
I always do love Sega more than Xbox 11 28.21%
I hate it , i want Xbox name keep as it is 4 10.26%
Some fans don't have loyalty at all 1 2.56%
I love Sega and Xbox equally 7 17.95%
Actually i love Xbox beca... 1 2.56%

I want to know who was the moron that greenlit this micro. It would make more sense even to sell a micro SD card with several genesis games to load on the smartphone (it would still be moronic) than this.

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it will sell more then the XSX in japan

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Fascinating idea.
Also the perfect reason why we should avoid all these rumors.

It went from "Xbox will use Sega to sell it in Japan" to "Fog gaming".

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About the name thing. Why don't Microsoft just rename it in Japan to Microsoft Series X? It would give the initials MSX. The original MSX saw modest success

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With this rumor now discredited, we've decided to lock this. Should something change in its favor, it will be re-opened.