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Forums - Movies Discussion - Sonic movie sequel confirmed

Great first was good and funny. Can't wait for this one.



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shikamaru317 said:
CaptainExplosion said:

What I'm hoping for in the sequel:

-Much fatter Robotnik.

-Tails is competent and likable.

-More Badniks from the Genesis era games.

-Sonic gets closure regarding Longclaw.

-Robotnik shouts "I HATE that hedgehog!!" after being defeated again.

-More music from the games, especially "I Am The Eggman" from Sonic Adventure 2.

Yeah, hopefully they put a fat suit on Jim Carrey for the sequel. He already looked the part for the epilogue in terms of lack of hair, goggles, and giant mustache, but he wasn't fat. Robotnik needs to be egg shaped or else his Eggman nickname makes no sense.

One of the two co-writers said they were in talks with Sega to incorporate more game elements in the sequel, which likely means zone designs for different areas on Sonic's home planet, badnik designs, and more music from the games.

There was also a leak stating the Echidna tribe would feature more heavily in the sequel, which likely means we'll see Knuckles and get some closure for the Echidnas killing Longclaw. 


If we get a future Sonic movie that covers Sonic Adventure, then I really hope Chaos slaughters them like he did in the games' canon.

It might also give Sonic a better reason to hate Knuckles.