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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - We Need to Talk About Xenoblade DE's Resolution

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How do you feel about 378-540p resolution in a major 2020 release?

Doesn't bother me at all. 33 52.38%
It's not great, but I'm g... 5 7.94%
I'm a little disappointed. 6 9.52%
It's a big let down. Real... 6 9.52%
This isn't acceptable for... 11 17.46%
I'm putting my Switch in the microwave. 2 3.17%

I have no problem at all playing this on a 110" screen
havent suffered any lag what so ever either.

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Naum said:
I have no problem at all playing this on a 110" screen
havent suffered any lag what so ever either.

Now that's bold ! I'm simply playing on my 40" HD TV and it looks ...

almost like any games I've played on the platform honestly.

The most problematic area I had so far was Makna Forest and I mean, it just looked slightly soofter and had more occasional frame drops.

Though, I'm surprised the enemies or the environment pieces don't pop up much as I thought it would after looking at the game on Wii.

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Looks fine to me on my 43inch tv. About on par with Torna if not a little better.

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hinch said:

Low balling, really? Reaching to as low as 368p is abysmal and criticism is warranted. Dynamically running 504p-360p isn't great lets be honest, especially coming from a remaster. XB2 also ran at similar resolution and guess what.. that also looks bad when running on handheld mode - and that was a new game not a remaster.

That's why it's a remake and not a remaster, they remade the game to be like XC2, that's why they run similar.

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I resently saw a video of it running with a Marseille mCable, that upscale the picture to 1440p and adds abit of anti-alising.
This is def. one of those titles were its very apparent your useing that upscaler (not all games, the impact is that big).

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With Xenoblade 2 I found it helped to set the Switch's output to 720p, so the TV did the upscaling, as for me at least my TV's upscaler is better than the Switch's, resulting in a better image.

Not sure if it'll work with this one, but might be worth a try.

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NightlyPoe said:
StuOhQ said:

Hopefully Ninty and Monsoft see that around half of their audience is put off by this approach to various degrees and either A) patches their previous games, or B) makes sure they don't repeat it with their next project. I'm just a big fan hoping I don't have to add a PQ caveat every time I praise future Xenoblade projects. 

Sorry, but I don't buy it.

Games are going to continue to have little flaws forever.  Framerate issues, drops in resolution, annoying minor game design decisions.  That all falls under general problems that are in there as a part of a larger review.  You don't stop the world and "Need to Talk About" them in its own special space.  That indicates some sort of bigger issue.

Personally, I had a much bigger problem with Xenoblade's autorun not adjusting the character's direction when I move the camera.  Doesn't mean "We Need to Talk About" this small flaw and if, somehow, it did become some silly internet controversy where some people ran into the breach with me hoping that Monolith would patch it out or whatever, it would still be wrong to make more of it than it is because that's just not how people should behave.

Yeah, the auto-run bugs me slightly as well. I just really wish I could enjoy Makna forest with clean visuals.

After having some 60ish hours to come to terms with what DE is: here's hoping that they make 640p their lowest resolution if they insist on using dynamic res for future titles. Also, please give users some basic control over TMAA/AA. Just a few visual options in the menu for those that care would make a huge difference. Witcher 3 is an example of how a few extra tweaks can really improve the look of a lower-res title.  

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