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Chazore said:
Nautilus said:

I have that thread on my sig because I poured my heart and soul into writting that OP, and also because I really liked the discussion.But you either couldn't handle my opinion, or you didn't like it.It dosen't matter either ay, because you got it locked, while I wanted to keep it open to keep having a good honest and healthy discussion about it. So yeah, I want people to keep on reading about it, because I want games to have actual options, like ones that are inexcusably hard, or inexclusably easy, or even something in between like having multiple difficulties.

But I'll admit that you piss me off a little, with your elitist attitude that '' If you don't think like me, then you are an ass/elitist/snidey/bs'' or whatever other name you called me. Because you simply can't acept other people opinion.That extend to multiple difficulties, stores on PC, the sucess of particular games just because they signed a deal here or there and so on. So yeah, I had alot of satisfaction when I heard that Dark Souls did this well. Or that Borderlands ''failed'' when it sold only 10 million units in the span of 6 months, give or take.

But enough Chazore. You are bringing havok to yet another of my threads. I'll be calling the mods, and I'll let them decide yet again what tpo do with all this.

I saw you trying to tear anyone down who didn't agree with your view on difficulty modes, and anyone that agreed earned a nice head nod, and an echo chamber was forming, just like it is right now in this very thread. 

I've poured my own heart and soul into my own threads before, but I'm not going to amount that to the end of the world. 

Uhh, you can't seem to handle my own, in fact multiple of you here refuse and scoff at my own opinions, time and time again. I know damn well you and some of you on here very much dislike me, but I'm not changing for you. That thread got locked because you chose to allow it by getting into a stupid heated argument with me on difficulty modes. You didn't have to engage in an ongoing debate with me, hell even Rol was smart enough in a previous thread, to not go any further.

It's hardly healthy to have it be a completely one sided discussion, because let's use you and me for an example:

I vote for options in games, you vote for a game to be "designed the way it is" (which is what most games are, but let's call it the creme de la creme, the "chef special"), and you and me will go back and forth forever with our different points, no conclusion, nothing changes. Like I do get your point in all this, I just firmly disagree with it, like I do all DS fan logic on how games should be difficult again.

You claim I'm the elitist when you and a few others on here play that very same card with this franchise of gatekeeping? Oh please. You may refuse to see or acknowledge it, but it's there. Your own form of debating presents itself as such. I can acknowledge your opinion, but I don't agree with it. Am I supposed to agree with it by default?, I thought I was allowed my own, or is that not allowed either now?.

Oh no, we've had multiple stores for years bud. Why do you think I have GoG Galaxy, Origin, Steam and Battlenet installed. Yes, you paint me as someone who hates multiple stores, but you're completely ignoring why I choose not to use certain storefronts and why I do not see them as "healthy" for me or my platform of choice. See to you, let's use your elitism logic you accuse me of: I have to like the store, because if I don't, I'm not someone who can like stores at all. I already explained to you as to why I dislike one storefront, and you pushed that aside completely and branded it something entirely to your liking, and you won't acknowledge this, because if you did, it'd make you the same as what you accuse me of and that would harm your credibility (especially Chrizum, who could learn so much more on that).

I don't actually mind DS doing well at all, I even said on this very thread (that you and others willingly ignore), that they have found their audience, which is good, but instead you use their sales as a means to argue against people like me, who like having optional difficulty modes, rather than just being plain happy for your favourite franchise instead. I'm not sure how Borderlands failed here, or what it even has to do with DS at all. 

Already done that bud. You should let go of your grudge against me first, and then I'll actually stop trying to call you out. You want to remain hostile with me, I will with you, that's my nature. Me and DonFerrari have argued in the past, but now we're cool with one another, because we've no secret grudges or anything of the sort. I don't know why you cannot see that. I wouldn't be so hostile to some people on here, if they weren't trying to throw shade in the first place.

We fought a lot because of your belief that all games should be multiplatform and me defending the importance of platform holders and making exclusives, but yes no need to grudge and hate, also yes I would say we have been agreeing to much recently =p

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