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OK. Then let's talk about the previews.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Here are some of them, both in english and spanish:

Looking at those, this is what I get:

1. Overall, the game is very similar to Color Splash, like TTYD to PM64:

-Confetti works as the paint to fix scenarios and get a rewards, so far looks like it is for coins. We can get confetti from the environments, but looks like a lot less than the amount we get as a reward for battles.

-Coins are the replacement to XP, and we are going to have to buy items (such as fire flowers and shrooms), weapons upgrades and accesories in case we want our character to progress. Still unknown if weapon upgrades get unlocked with battles just like in CS, where we unlock better cards thru battles.

-Olivia works as the bucket companion in CS following you the entire adventure, but here she can learn abilities after defeating some bosses.

-The focus of the game is in the adventure aspect, and RPG elements are more superficial.

-Bosses still require the puzzle aspect to defeat them, althought that was also part of some of the PM64 bosses, and here is integrated into the battle arena.

2. Accesories are expensive from what I could see, some are 2,000-3,000 coins, and some are to boost defenses or expand the time at the beggining of the battle.

3. World is interconnected but keeps the setpieces of CS. Pipes act like fast travel points, similar to PM64 and TTYD.

4. Partners are temporal and with story purposes.

5. Story progession seems exactly like all the PM games, split into chapters.

6. Players can find health upgrades (hearts), that acts also as power upgrades. With those upgrades players can avoid battles for the weakest enemies. This is something that the entire series had.

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I will wait for a Bug Fables physical copy, Nintendo can shove it. I love Nintendo, but oh boy, they are infuriating stubborn when they want to be.

A Treehouse event tomorrow will give an extended look at the game:

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curl-6 said:

A Treehouse event tomorrow will give an extended look at the game:

this right here will determine if I'm getting it. If it's more like 1/1000 Year door I'll get it. otherwise, nope.

This game seems bad. As with all these games. the visuals are great but it just looks dull as hell as a game.

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Paper mario looks great tbh. That Bakugan game.. didn't these go extinct like a decade ago ? It looks like a waste of money.

The Paper Mario games have never been my (Paper)jam personally, so this was never on my to-buy list.

From the Treehouse segment, the writing and visuals seem great, but I'm just not into turn-based battle systems, I prefer my combat real-time. 

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series X will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

OK is real slick the writing is really good and the events are class, combat will come down to the individual those who like puzzles won't mind while those wanting TTYD won't be keen on it, overall game is a lot of fun.

As far as i have seen, people enjoyed it. Music, script and atmosphere were well done, the combat system did however bother a lot of RPG lovers.

Not played it for that long yet but I’m really enjoying it and it gives a good laugh.

To people on the fence; this is not a RPG (that is what we have Super Mario RPG for) it’s more a exploration/adventure/puzzle game.