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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Rumor] PS5 October Launch according to Job Listing - MOD Please lock the thread Sony said it's not coming in October

Chazore said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes you are right. Holidays is when the sales are highest and October is a quieter month. That is the reason I'm saying launching in September and October is good, because you stagger the hype buy of launch with the holidays, both would be big and with less overlap they would likely sell more console. PS4 launch had strong sales even in Jan and Feb even with shortages.

I take this from personal experience btw. I worked for a popular retail company called M&S, (a posh looking one), and during my 6 yrs with them, their Oct months were always the quietest. Customers were always asking up front for Dec's order catalogue, for food/clothing/furniture orders, so they could prep ahead of time for the big shopping spree of that month. During mid Nov crowds start to row in number, and by the start of Dec, customers start to "panic" shop, trying to grab what they can, order the prime foods that we'd offer only during that month (limited stock on purpose to drive up sales, which is what the big 3 do, especially Ninty). Nov and esp Dec is probably one of the most important shopping events on a yearly basis. 

Personally I don't think it's that big of a deal for myself, but I've been made aware that parents take it very seriously, and then there's Black Friday and Cyber Monday, giving companies two extra shots in the arm in terms of sales. I imagine this yr will be quite a competitive one, if we're going by MS's rumoured waiting time, to see what Sony will price theirs at. Doing it during Dec would be something of a bloodbath, if priced right.

I think that if they chose to release near or during Dec, they could also do with making their services a little cheaper, or offer 1st party game deals, making the purchase of a new system and cheaper last gen games, that can run and look better, a more easier choice, thus adding even more competition and potential sales. 

I don't deny your experience. But we also haven't seem how a October launch would do. Like I said PS2 and Switch had April or so launch and they were just very big, plus when holidays come they also sold great at it.

So that is why I said that it's possible that if they launch in September the 1 or 2M that would buy the console at any date would buy it at launch and then couple weeks later they have replenished stock in time for Holidays to do another 2 to 4M on holidays. So they could sum both periods, because if they didn't separate they would probably sell the same on Holidays and be supply constrained, but of course some of that sale would move to January and February.

But as the rumor was already debunked we shall keep the original holiday launch expected date.

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