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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

Subscribed, this will get more and more interesting as the quarters pass by

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Updated for the June report.

AC has officially ascended.
Ring Fit is gaining ground on NSMBUDX.
Both MK8DX and BotW had a stronger quarter than they did a year ago.

Edit: Like I've written in the OP, LM3 and SMM2 could not be updated, because we didn't get numbers for them this quarter.

Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

2022 predictions:

  • Switch - 24m
  • PS5 - 15.5m
  • Xbox Series - 10m

Neat, I'd almost forgotten about this thread. I hope Nintendo gives us numbers when games hit certain milestones even if they aren't selling over a million in that quarter.

Three of the heavy weights also launched on Wii U, and I'd imagine a good chunk of those buyers didn't get the Switch version. Helping AC out even more is the fact that there was no traditional AC game on Wii U, so for home console only owners they had been starving since City Folk. Not sure how we could "adjust" because some did buy both versions (I only bought one for both, 8 Delux).

I like the comparison, I just don't know how to o do it fairly.

S.Peelman said:
RolStoppable said:

OoT 3D got added to the Nintendo Selects eventually.

Link's Awakening is a remake of a Game Boy game, so what has led to the 0.19m shipment is likely just that it has exhausted the pool of people who are willing to pay $60 for it. The game is going to be old enough to be a regular in future digital discounts for Nintendo software (typically 33% off), so it should be able to get within striking distance of OoT 3D eventually.

That is true, there might be plenty of people just waiting for a low pricepoint for such a game. I'd love to be proven wrong.

It's totally the price point that killed sales. I would love to pick up the game but there is no way in hell I'm picking up a gameboy remake at $60. Nintendo really needs to reduce the price of games when their sales die off. Link's Awakening had a huge first 11 days or so when they announced 3 million sold, and then an ok holiday after launch, and then its sales just completely died because everyone willing to pay $60 had bought it when it launched. The game should be $30 right now, as should Arms, Let's Go, and probably a few others. All of the Wii U ports that aren't evergreen titles should drop to $30 after a year. Nintendo would rather refuse to drop the price on games (until very late in the console life cycle) than get more sales of these games. I bet there are at least a couple million people just waiting for a reasonable price on Link's Awakening.

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Updated for the September report.

I've added in 3D All-Stars to the Middleweights. Not sure I will keep it in there permanently since it will only be available within 3 quarters and after the report stated that sell-through was 3.5 mil after 4 weeks I'm not so sure it will ship a ton in the next two quarters. But regardless, for now it can be interesting enough to compare its debut to other games.

Other notes:
The Ring Fit and NSMBUDX lines have met. Good chance that Ring Fit will "take the lead" next quarter.
We got an update on LM3 this time. Sales are clearly slowing down and it has fallen behind Mario Party and Splatoon 2, but it's still performing all right and has a good shot at reaching 10 mil eventually.

Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

2022 predictions:

  • Switch - 24m
  • PS5 - 15.5m
  • Xbox Series - 10m

Thanks for keeping this updated! I've been looking for something to show the arc for AC:NH compared to other Nintendo games, and this is perfect :)

Interesting to see how steady BotW is. The interest on that game remains strong despite being a launch title with a sequel and a prequel coming.

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It's quite funny a to see a 10 million seller game as "middleweight" for Switch lol

Slownenberg said:
Darwinianevolution said:

After all of the controversy with the lack of content and corners cut, I expected SOME kind of negative reaction. Slightly lower sales, shorter legs, something. Instead not only it becomes a massively successful launch, it becomes the immediately crosses the 15 million mark that most Pokemon games need all of its lifetime to reach and it's going to end up becoming the second best seller in the franchise. This is sad because either the hardcore fans who said to boycott this bought it anyway, thus giving up on future games becoming better, or the casual base is so big it can more than compensate for the loss of the core base, thus making any kind of customer reaction powerless. Either way, GameFreak and The Pokemon Co. is just going to continue to degrade the series to sell more games faster and faster.

Like I said, I very much doubt many hardcore fans boycotted it. I bet 99% of them bought it but then just complained endlessly online (and the other 1% will eventually buy it). If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan are you really not going to buy the first core Pokemon game for a console? Unlikely.

Also there are plenty of people who don't buy Nintendo portables but have a Switch, so don't normally buy Pokemon games because they don't own those systems, who got this game (me for instance - this is my first pokemon game since I got Red in 1999). So yeah the expanded sales opportunities the Switch fan base affords can easily make up for any tiny percentage of hardcore fans who did actually boycott the game.

Also like I said I think we see the negative reaction in that it didn't sell even more than it has! We see Animal Crossing, a much smaller franchise, beating Pokemon's initial launch. And while in the 6 week post-launch numbers Pokemon did over 2.6 million more, again that was the holidays for Pokemon and Pokemon is known as a more launch heavy seller, and it did indeed drop off drastically after the holidays while Animal Crossing seems likely to sell far more than Pokemon during their respective second quarter of sales. That should make us realize just how much bigger Pokemon Sword/Shield could have been if it had gotten the good word of mouth that games like Botw, Odyssey, Smash, AC have all had. If Pokemon had been a critically acclaimed game it would probably be a couple million higher right now. While I think Pokemon not being critically acclaimed the way many Switch games have been is hurting it more than any hardcore-fan-only controversy, I'm sure the negative news of the controversy did play a bit into the wider so-so acclaim for the general market reaction to the game.

Hi there. I'm firmly in the hardcore Pokemon fan camp, and could easily challenge for that title on this site. You make good points, but I'm going to address one of them from a different perspective.

If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan are you really not going to buy the first core Pokemon game for a console? Unlikely.

Not as crazy as it may seem. I have refused to by the Gen 8 games mostly because of Dexit, and not only because of the aforementioned reasons of Sw/Sh feeling extremely stale and lacking in content and effort, but also because time and time again, Pokemon had been like the Street Fighter of RPGs. You could by the vanilla edition early, but you should know damn well by now that a newer, better version would be announced in a year's time, either the equivalent of a GOTY edition or a sequel that is still closely the same game and content. Sw/Sh are the first versions to embrace actual DLC to add to the existing vanilla game instead of releasing a new SKU of the game with new content the equivalent of DLC.

The other thing that makes Pokemon similar to Street Fighter is that the competitive community has to essentially follow whatever the official game(s) are at the time, because that's what the sponsored tournaments adapt to. There are plenty of players still on Gen 7, but VGC has moved on to Gen 8, so if you want to follow or partake in official rankings, ladders and tournaments, then that's the game you have to play. There were a lot of hardcore Street Fighter players that didn't like SFV (especially at launch), but adapted anyway because that's where EVO and other major sponsored tournaments shifted after SFV launched, because that's where Capcom wants the player base to be. So EVO and the like are going to follow suit, because it wants that sponsorship and support.

I realize that my second point kind of makes yours (hardcore fans buying the first core games despite disliking them), but it explains why they do beyond the idea that fans just moan and complain while mindlessly eating up new games.