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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bolder Prediction: [So Far 8.18mil] Animal Crossing New Horizons will be 12mil in Japan Lifetime


It will sell (ship+digital)

Under 7mil 5 10.87%
Around 7.5mil 5 10.87%
8mil 3 6.52%
8.5mil 4 8.70%
9mil 3 6.52%
9.5mil 3 6.52%
10mil 3 6.52%
10.5mil 2 4.35%
11mil 2 4.35%
12mil 16 34.78%
tbone51 said:

9.19mil and counting

Animal Crossing is just not selling like any game that has come before.  Usually when a game breaks a lifetime sales record, it doesn't do it in so short of a time.  Who knows how high this thing can go?  

I'd say "good luck" on your 12m prediction, but you may not need it.