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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Maker 2 – World Maker Update

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A good update, but still I'm missing the 100 Mario challenge from Wii U with unlockable playable outfits. There's not really a motivation to play Super Worlds with random difficulty. If someone deletes a Super World you have played (which happens quite a lot since you can only upload one Super World), you get the message "no Super World has been played". Thanks! The counter of finished Super Worlds doesn't reset, fortunately.

Medal system still sucks, online modes have lag, editor is not really better than SMM1. It's such a shame. I really want to love this game, played 500+ hours, made 40+ levels, but they really f*cked up basic things. Nice idea to play levels of friends 1 year after release. And then you even have to activate that function manually in a hidden menu. Why, Nintendo? Such security settings hurt the game. In Animal Crossing you can chat with friends you know from other games, so why these ridiculous security settings in SMM2?

This game could have been such a big hit. Hopefully they learned a lesson.

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Mandalore76 said:
HyrulianScrolls said:
This is insane. There really is no reason for Nintendo to make a new 2d Mario at this point, they have made mario maker 2 capable of handling infinite new 2d Mario games

I remember hearing that said when the first Super Mario Maker released.  There are plenty of reasons why a 2D Mario would be more than profitable enough to be worth Nintendo's time such as more consistency from one course to the next (no hot garbage to wade through), introduction of more and unique game elements, etc.  Besides, several iterations of RPG Maker exist and none of them seem to have put Kemco out of business.

Not to mention the fact that a brand new 2D Mario series starting on Switch would give Mario Maker 3 on Switch 2 a new game style to add to the available ones in SMM2.