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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service is losing access to more titles later this month

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What will happen to Geforce Now in the future

Dead 2 22.22%
Half Dead 4 44.44%
They already dead 2 22.22%
Dont worry there will be some micale 1 11.11%
Chazore said:
sales2099 said: 

And yet MS lacks in other depts that others don't, but you seem to excuse those anyway, as proven by your past interactions with many others on here.

Yes you have your own bias and I have mine, that's normal for many a species on this rock, welcome to earth. But that doesn't somehow make yours above mine either, such as your desire to see the competition crushed, to replaced by a one service entity.

GFN is sustainable, it's just that the other parties, all mostly known for their own forms of greed, want a bigger share, or control, over a service that isn't theirs, thus leading to them taking their ball and going home, only to come out with their own, sub standard services, that no one asked for, simply because they wanted all or more of the profit. IF you haven't already seen the clear and visible writing on the wall in recent years, it's that these large fish do not want anything to do with middle-men or middle-men style deals anymore. I would have thought someone of your age was able to see this, or at least the tell tale signs, but I guess I was wrong about that as well, who knew.

Also, you have no actual behind doors credentials on the exact measurement of the cut, so saying "without giving a cut" is dishonest at best, and more of a use as a counter argument point (which falls flat, because you have no core documentation, from all parties, that claims they all get 0% of the cut).

I don't see Xcloud taking much of any high ground at all, simply because there will be someone there to show up and bring something new to the table, but you've already decided that no one else is or will, until much later on, under the guise of "oh, competition's only gonna take it seriously when MS wins from the start".

Well yes, because in all honesty, I'm super tired of the type that spend an entire gen, licking their wounds, trying to act like some hapless underdog, it's a done to death trope and it's overstayed it's welcome. I've seen you time and time again trying to act like MS is going to lay everyone low, which is the direct sign of someone with underdog mentality. Last gen, when 360 was picking up speed, and devs were praising how easier it was to make games for it, compared to PS3's alien-like Cell, had Sony fans licking their wounds as well. Once this gen started, we saw plenty of "the king has returned" being tossed about, and a few victory laps/dances, which again, reeks of someone, who was licking their wounds, collecting all that salt, then dumping it onto the opposite party. 

I'm not going to forgive MS as easily as you. I'm not you, I don't have to be like you. You're fine with getting dicked over for years on end with whatever you're kosher with, but I'm not. Why the fuck do you think I'm taking beef with Epic?, because they fucking left the platform for years, to rot, and pulled childish shit like "huehue, dunno about you PC ppl, but you won't find games like Gears on PC, consoles are where it's at". Fast forward to now and rich boy Tim acts like nothing happened, except it did, and I fucking remember that asswipe and his childish shit.

I'm never going to forget what GFWL has done to some of my games, what bs DX has been like, instead of it actually being a step up from DX 11. I ain't gonna forget about how they still haven't fixed GoW 1 Def ED on their crappy MS store, or the fact that I cannot gift a copy of bedrock MC to my gf, because MS claims she's from a different country, despite her having the exact same credentials as me, save for name and sex, but MS is too stupid to realise this, but will gladly take my fucking money, and THEN tell me "oops, can't gift it to her, she's from a different country". Not even Steam or any other fucking storefront does that, and yet you have the balls to go "jeez, you think of MS like an ex gf"...

Seriously mate, your bias is so strong, you've forgotten about the previous bs, or you at least excuse it. That's just one of the reasons as to why I really don't like you. I don't like people that excuse shit, because it's "their fave brand", diligaf to that mate, diligaf. 

Like if you're going to go around, and cite competition as being vastly "inferior", at least be a man and own up the the mistakes MS does, as well as what they don't focus on, that others do, and champion at that. I want tech to improve in general, not be fucking horded and controlled by just one company.

Oh boy that’s a long one. I’ll just note that the personal digs instead of purely attacking the argument is what separates you and me. I know this is anonymous internet debate about video games and thus I have a thick skin. Because who’s video games. If I got to you enough for you to say what you said back, you got problems bigger then me. 

I’ll try to respond to each individual paragraph. First off no company is perfect but Xbox appeals to my tastes the most. I overlook the parts I don’t, just like any fan. 

I never said I was above you (before, not now since you made it personal), I said you can’t feel morally superior because we equally have bias, whatever it is. 

Nice speech about how it can work but you got like you said “greedy this, control that, taking the ball and going home” stuff going on. Ya...that makes you a idealist. I’m a realist. I know it’s not gonna work because I know what you said is a reality. Hence why GFNow is NOT sustainable. And like I said brings nothing new themselves to the table. 

How Xcloud not gonna jump to the top? Amazon is a no show. Stadia only got a million downloads after it became free and only has 1 studio. GFNow dying a slow death. None have the studios and IPs Xbox has. Your own bias is clouding the reality of the situation. 

I get it, you don’t like console wars mentality. That endless loop of narratives and agendas being pushed. Then why you here? Reddit is more neutral. This whole site is all about the market shares of the big 3...what you expect? I’m having fun.

That practically ancient stuff about Epic and GFWL and Direct X, like cmon. Get over it. It’s no secret MS neglected the PC community. They finally realized they have a OS monopoly they can leverage to push the Xbox brand. Better late then never. Gears Tactics and Flight Simulator are coming to PC first. Which bums me out I have to wait, so it’s not so one sided anymore. 

You overthink and or over analyze me, it’s not complicated. I like the games I like and Xbox just happens to full that preference the most. Of course they fucked up in the past. Not even I could defend them in 2013. But if I let grudges get in the way of playing what I want to play, then I’m wasting my time on false pride that nobody is imposing on me but myself. It’s games. Drop the pride. 

I stand by my initial point going back to the OP. GFNow banks itself on idealism and not realism in our industry. Let them be the next Ouya and let the field be dominated by players that actually bring something to the table (games). 

Last edited by sales2099 - on 25 April 2020

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