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d21lewis said:
I've had Superman Red Son downloaded for weeks now, if not longer. Probably gonna watch it today. Anyone watch it already? Does it hold up? Haven't read the story in forever.

I liked the movie, but it does have some meaningful changes from the comic. Also, the music is pretty good.

Let us know what you think!

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FYI - The new Justice League is out today.

Okay, MAJOR spoilers for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Don't click if you haven't watched the movie. It's absolutely worth watching though.


So is this the end of the entire DC Animated Movie Universe? I had no idea, I'm kind of bummed.

The movie was great though. They closed an arc that had been there for years, and were able to take bold moves. That said, I had just been talking about how I enjoy a lot of characters and they're all gone now.

I wonder what the plan will be from now on. Standalone movies? Or a brand new continued universe? Will this universe ever be mentioned again?

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Me watching Justice League Dark Apokolips War: 😳

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