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Forums - General Discussion - I have a job, but dear lord do I hate it.

Don't quit until you have something new lined up. I'd say ignore people that aren't signing your checks, people will find negative things to say but fuck them. As for the guy taking 30 mins to pee, I wouldn't have yelled at him but the next time he asked for a favor, I'd calmly remind him how he fucked me over the last time and keep going.

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Sorry to hear you're in that precarious situation. In regards to the anger issues, I think taking the next-attainable route would work best: assertive/zero-fucks-given. Point out you're fine to help, but come in with the expectation that they owe you something in return. No dice otherwise.

I know it especially sucks now, given how tough it is to gauge the jobs market. Good luck.