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Forums - Sales Discussion - COMG! Japan Pre-Order Chart

Predictions for Xenoblade FW?

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JapaneseGamesLover said:
How many points did FF7 remake had before launch ?

470 points before launch

1073 points for first weeks sales

Paper Mario!

Then - out of nowhere - Clubhouse Games scores an amazing 75 points tomorrow and takes the lead for a single day.
Biggest COMG upset of all time.

Is there a ‘Legend of Heroes’ every month?

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Mar1217 said:
Maluigi said:
Is there a ‘Legend of Heroes’ every month?

Absolutely. Though this one is the last game from this series according to Falcom.

From this saga, you mean. Because this series is far from over. I believe two more sagas have been confirmed, which will continue the same story.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

How is The Last of Us 2 faring compared to the first one?

Paper Mario!

How did previous Paper Mario entries do on COMG?

TLOU2 doing pretty good, will be interesting to see on the charts.