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Is FF VII Remake a complete game and can be nominated as GOTY?

Yes, it's a complete game 36 54.55%
No, it's just an episode 21 31.82%
Something in between 9 13.64%

I'm about 15 hours in and it's already my lead runner for GOTY. OP doesn't make sense though, if its a full game then I can't see why you can't label it as one.

Absolutely blown away by orchestral redo's in this game. So. Good.

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siebensus4 said:

...because it's a game released in episodes and the release on April 10, 2020 is only episode 1. Other episodes will follow to complete the main story.

This is some poor reasoning.

This is like saying ME1 could never be GoTY because the story is incomplete. HL1 ccouldn't either, etc etc.