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Forums - Politics Discussion - Are you OK with games becoming more Politically Correct?

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Is PC ruining gaming?

Yes 19 31.67%
No, you're just being silly! Ah 41 68.33%
vivster said:
Chrkeller said:

But that is kind of the entire point.  There are a wide range of audiences.  And for years gaming focused on a single subset.  Gaming expanding development scope to include a wider range of folks is just business.  More sales is more money, which (given production costs) increasing sales is important.  I will use my wife as an example, given she does game quite a bit.  Does she have an interest in Jill mini skirt + tube top?  How about Bayonetta?  Nope.  By default overtly sexualization limits appeal and thus sales.  One might note Bayonetta (despite being a great game) doesn't sell that particularly well.  On the flip side most Nintendo games have general appear.  Men, women, young, old, etc. can all enjoy Mario Kart, Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing, Zelda, etc...  and note that Nintendo games tend to be some of the best sellers.      

I don't believe gaming is being forced to modernize.  It is a natural progression of the business to grow the market organically.

Games for broader audiences are fine, but the point is it shouldn't be the first priority to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible unless the developer or publisher wishes so. In a sense making games appeal to a more general audience will at the same time make them less appealing to niches. There is room for both types of games and neither should have a say in what the other is supposed to do. There are plenty of developers who have found their success in niches, especially in offensive genres. Shouldn't it be the creator's choice if he would like to broaden his audience or not?

There will be no future where niche games don't exist because demand creates them, so the endeavor of making as many games as broad and socially sensible as possible is at best futile and at worst damaging.

Do you not understand how business works? Do you not understand how art works? Do you not understand how any of this works? 

Seriously, there's a time for broad appeal and there's a time for catering to a niche audience. There's a time to risk it all on something new and uncharted and there's a time to stick with what's safe and reliable. Videogames are both an art and an industry, and as a result the developers and publishers really need to balance the needs of the artists that work with the games and the public demands of their publishers in order to get to the widest audience. Sometimes you don't want a wide audience and instead make something from the heart, something that resonates with a smaller crowd. Sometimes you want something that everyone wants.

When it comes down to aiming for an audience, it just makes a whoooooole lot more sense to not be offensive to women or minorities or foreigners. Like, yeah there's a place for over-the-top nonsense with misogyny and toxic masculinity and machismo, but that cuts out so much of the audience and I just don't think there's a big market for that sort of shit anymore. People don't find toxic masculinity appealing, anymore. some people do, but those people need to learn they are the minority now and that they need to hold out for the niche titles. 

I find it baffling that people are in any way bothered by this natural progression of the medium. as time goes on and the industry changes with society, it's natural that things once considered mainstream and normal are ostracized for the nonsense they are. 

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