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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - New exclusive for Xbox Series X to be unveiled - 4k120fps

CGI-Quality said:
goopy20 said:

Don't we need HDMI2.1 for 120fps games? I wonder how many people have a tv that supports that lol. 

That's correct.

Pretty sure my top-notch TV (top notch in 2016) maxes out at 2.0a

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trunkswd said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Apparently, the gameplay has been revealed! Looks like the return of Ecco the Dolphin!

Yea, pretty much what I expected of a game that's gonna be running at 4k 120fps...

Not the most exciting game, but considering the developer it isn't a surprise. 

Should have went with 60fps and path tracing instead, at least than it would have looked somewhat impressive.

Such a feelgood game,i like it!