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SvennoJ said:

It would be a shame as I won't be getting to play it. But fair game, the likelihood of Astrobot ending up on Steam is very small as well. Buying multiple game systems is already stretching the limits, multiple VR systems, too much for me. I have Paper beast lined up to play on PSVR though, it got an essential from Eurogamer but only sits at 79 on Meta due to cumbersome controls (bloody move controllers) Not sure when I can dive in, a couple songs in Beat Saber is about as much as I risk nowadays with my kids always home and going to bed later and later due to no school. Uninterrupted play time is hard to come by.

I mean, their game isn't limited to just their headset, which is nice, in terms of options for those finding the index too expensive for them.

I don't ever see Atrobot hopping over to Steam in all honesty. 

I do feel like VR is still in it's infancy, regardless of total users combined across multiple platforms. We are seeing a rise in VR games, but these feel like a tide of games being washed against the block of possible success, not every wave is going to  rise up to that block. We've also still got far more games out there that focus on non VR gameplay, meaning we'll be waiting another 10 years to see if VR picks up and takes a larger hold of the general VG market.

ahh, Cumbersome controls are most definitely one of VR's pitfalls. It's why I've got my eye on the Index's knuckle controls, because I've seen how they work, and they frankly amaze me in what they allow you to do for some VR titles, but that is also up to the devs to make full use of those controllers, which in some cases could end up being clunky on their end.

I don't blame you with finding difficulty in uninterrupted play. This virus plague has made general life for me an irritation (no job atm, finding one is much harder, still having to pay bills etc, meaning games are my only means of relaxation). 


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Good reviews for Half-Life:Alyx. Hopefully we see Half-Life 3 or Portal 3!

When I get back to England I'll have to buy the game for my girlfriend's brother, since he has an HTC Vive. Gives me a chance to play the first AAA VR game.

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