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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you buy your games now?


How do you buy your games during the COVID19 pandemic?

Digital 292 37.15%
Delivery 192 24.43%
Online Pickup/Curbside Pickup 12 1.53%
Buy At The A Store 62 7.89%
Not Buying Anything Right Now Due to Backlog 153 19.47%
Not Interested In Anything At The Moment 57 7.25%
Other (yeah...I have no i... 18 2.29%

As usually. Because of my backlog, I try to buy only games I have fairly much interest in. I buy PC games digitally and console games almost exclusively physically. I haven't bought games from stores in a long, long time, so for physical games, it's delivery as usually.

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Been almost completely digital since about 2011, so no real change.

I've always been a big stickler for physical when it's an option, but under the current circumstances I may switch over to digital for a while until the pandemic is over, just to be on the safe side. I have plenty of space on my SD card and I can always buy the physical version later down the track to free up whatever space I use up in short term.

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Been going digital since 2013. I honestly do not see much point in going for physical editions anymore, especially seeing as how collectors editions of some games don't even come with the actual games these days.

It’s funny there was news in my area because gamers were lining up in big crowds to buy Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing.

Gamers don’t give a f^*% about the pandemic as long as there’s a game to buy. I mean I’ll buy Halo Infinite in person...but that’s November

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