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Forums - Sony Discussion - Based on what we know about the PS5: What do you think is the cheapest it can can be and break even; What will be the actual price?

victor83fernandes said:
Chrkeller said:
Console: $500
Upgrade SSD (800 gb isn't going to cut it): $200
PSN (5 years): $300

So roughly $1,000

You forgot a decent controller, I was forced to buy the bacon revolution unlimited because the DualShock is horrible. And paid online the generation won't be only 5 years, more like 7.

This is why I have been thinking keeping my ps4 for exclusives and build a PC in January.

PC has

1 - Free online

2 - Huge backwards compatibility with thousands of games

3 - Cheaper games

4 - Way better media compatibility

5 - Cheaper SSD drives

6 - Much bigger choice on controllers

7 - Easier/cheaper to upgrade in the future

8 - Can replace my macbook

9 - Much more variety of games, strategy, management etc which works best with a mouse

yea I went P.C. gaming there’s good and bad with it. Miss having my trophies all in one place. The main thing is hackers though. Depending on the online game you play It can be filled with them. Other than that I love it.

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Xxain said:
KLXVER said:

Well the PS3 was sold at a 200$ loss at the start, so 399 is not out of the question for the PS5.

They also have a strong PSN as well. I actually think SONY gonna shock and do 399

I feel the opposite.  Sony has a very strong global brand and by the look of it the PS5 will be a strong system.  Sony is not going for the lost per console this coming gen because they do not need to.  The only way the PS5 comes in at 399 is if it breaks even at that price.  I believe the PS5 will cost 500 bones and will go toe to toe with the new xbox because the games will sell the system and the brand over MS all day.  Sony has already proven their selves in their games its MS who has to prove themselves and claw back some market.

I think it would have to retail for at least $499 for Sony not to lose money on it. Remember, the retailer's taking a cut, and there are distribution and manufacturing costs over and beyond the component costs. I'm not even sure that they would truly break even at that number. but, I imagine a real break Even is somewhere around there.

As for what the cost will be, I expect it will be $499. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see $399 either, especially if MS launches Lockhart this year.

The big question mark that's been thrown into all of this stuff is the virus. is this thing going to totally destroy the world economy? If so, how many people are really going to shell out $500 for a console this year?

Looking like most people here think the PS5 will launch at $449 or $499.

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There will most likely be a shortage of consoles so it would be weird to sell with a big loss when there arent enough consoles in stores anyway.
499 it is!

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Immersiveunreality said:

There will most likely be a shortage of consoles so it would be weird to sell with a big loss when there arent enough consoles in stores anyway.
499 it is!

Maybe, but by launching at that price based mostly on lack of availability, they almost have to maintain it until holiday 2021 then. If they don't have a price advantage, and think they need or should have one, waiting a year to drop the price could hurt them. Dropping it before a years time will probably piss a bunch of early buyers off, and they won't want that type of negativity early on either.

I don't think $499 is all that far off the mark to begin with, but if $499 is the price that makes the most sense, they won't sell for higher even if they think they could based on vast demand over limited supply during the holidays and new year.