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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Monolith Soft had 70 employees in 2011. They now have 243

StuOhQ said:
Metallox said:
Patiently waiting for a massive game that could surprise everyone. Xenoblade 2 was fine but I'd prefer a more radical evolution, like that one that happened with Xenoblade X after the original.

Yeah, I actually love that one and hope it gets a port to Switch!

I'd like to see another creative stretch for their next project as well. 

Ugly? Pfft. X is still the best looking Xenoblade game, including the Definitive Edition of 1.

Mar1217 said:
curl-6 said:

Damn, if that shit was released separately like the Torna the Golden Country expansion I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Ah well.

I think it's also because :

1) It might be only a few hours to complete (approx. 10 hours)

2) Balancing issues. Torna had basically new systems which needed tutorials and entry areas to practice safely against not too tough monsters. Future Connected seems to be a literal continuation from the main story. They can't make you go back LVL 1 and throw you into a new tutorial section as if you never played the game before.

Imagine finishing the game, then you get back right into a tutorial explaining you the stuff you already know. That'd be tedious.

BTW, Alvis is the 3rd Aegis confirmed now but it's necklace.

I'd be nice if Future Connected would act as a bridge between this game and XC2 or be some kind of prologue to a third XC !

That's a nice touch, cool how they're making the effort to tie it all together like that.

I'm overall a big fan of how they connected XBC 1 & 2 so far, I just hope Future Connected doesn't spoil that by taking too many liberties.

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