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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict Animal Crossing Sales for the Quarter [Shipped+Digital]

1.633 million sold! Only 99,998,367,000 to go. Fantastic start! And as we know, Animal Crossing has legs. It'll only be a mere 61,237 more weeks like this before it reaches its goal... and even if the legs aren't quite that long so we can depend on consistent sales for the next thousand+ years at least.... Yet we have limited data! This is only for the UK and Japan which make up roughly 1.5% of the population of Earth. Using math, multiply 1.5 million/0.015 = 100 million (Awesome! Easy number), and factoring a 1.2% annual population growth rate, we can expect 5.214587 billion copies sold per year compounded annually with an exponent of 1.012, then take the year it reaches 100B and divide the timeframe for a year by Earth's population and subtract the difference from March 20 of the following calendar year  and we end up with August 15th 2037.

I'll be taking my time machine to that date in order to collect my cash reward, multiplied by a 31% inflation. And I'm being generous since we all know inflation is going to skyrocket in the coming years with the global crash.

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