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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which will prevail? Xbox Power or Playstation Speed?

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Pick your side!

XBOX 27 31.03%
Master Race 10 11.49%
DonFerrari said:
DraconianAC said:

No one is saying it should be a charity. This is not a black or white issue, or Capitalism vs Socialism; It's management. You can't treat creative talent like production line employees. You'll soon find yourself in trouble, but you can't give them too much creative freedom either. It's a balancing act, and profit driven corporations tend to be short sited. They live by the quarterly report that must satisfy their share holders. It's a horrible way to do business because other outlooks are not considered, just numbers. This is why Hollywood is shit now, it's run like profit driven corporation. No real courage to take risks, just on sequels, or known brands that will give a return on investment. I'm not saying corporations are not good at making money, they do but at cost of so many other things like environmental costs, health costs, creative costs.

Then you are just mixing and missusing terms. Because ND and other Sony studios are ran as profit driven corporation, but not as short sighted short term profit corporations.

Hmm, and here I thought Naughty Dog was a game developer studio. Silly me, I thought that they left the financial and marketing part to the video game publisher--SCE. I'm sure they are tasked to meet deadlines, and must give frequent updates on the progress, but they are afforded creative liberties in their management, deadlines, and risks as long as they produce quality products (Something not permitted in a corporation that must demonstrate growth to their shareholders every quarter) I mean, I get they belong to a corporation, Sony, but their department's focus is not to maximize profit.

Sure, maybe I was not specific enough. I should have not used "profit-driver corporation" because it's not a negative for many people, but it is for me. And this article will explain it a bit more:

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Neither, for me its mostly if

1 - The ps5 is as quiet as the xbox

2 - If my nacon revolution unlimited is compatible with ps5 as I hate dualshock

3 - Price of PC parts, if there's good sales Ill choose PC over consoles

4 - The new Halo game, if it is as good as Halo CE then I might choose xbox

Power between the 2 consoles will be pointless, it's less difference than ps4 vs xbox one at launch (1.84TF vs 1.3TF) - 50% better GPU on paper, also the difference between 1080p vs 900p is more noticeable than 2160p vs 1800p, and to note the ps4 was a cheaper console.

This time the difference is way less, and real life will be less noticeable, and ps5 will be cheaper justifying the slight weaker GPU, more than ever it will come down to exclusives, specially now that both consoles will be backwards  compatible with the previous consoles.

This tells me ps5 will sell the most automatically, because people will want to keep their libraries going forward, now more than ever because this generation a lot of people bought a lot of digital stuff.

Immersiveunreality said:
DonFerrari said:

Crunchy time will always exist, because they happen at the end of the project on final touches that weren't expected, so besides postponing the release (which can also make more crunchy time), and there isn't time to make massive hiring, train and supervision. Costing more would be the lesser problem, the overburden on the team would be higher, the efficiency lower and result probably worse.

And there is a difference between crunch and draconian crunch,crunch is hard to avoid and with lots of companys it is a give and take situation so when there is not enough work they will try to find ways to keep you at work.

I do agree, and companies that don't find the balance to keep crunch to a minimum and give back to workers they will have a bad environment and end up burning itself down.

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