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Kai_Mao said:
Pinkie_pie said:

Point is i asked you weather or not you agree with hoang that ps4 would only sell 15k for ff7 launch week you werent sure so clearly underestimated ps4 and that you didnt think ps4 could reach 10 million. It is looking very likely that it will reach 10 million now

Not being sure doesn't mean I was right or wrong. Not sure what you were trying to prove to me.

Its great that FFVII Remake moved hardware. Good for Sony and the PS4. Could TLoUII do it again? I don't know. Its a new gaming environment compared to last gen. The Switch is the more dominant console now, even with severe shortages affecting sales for two weeks in a row. Animal Crossing continues to sell like hotcakes even after FFVII Remake released. This year is not what we all expected, figuratively and literally. With the PS5 looming, who knows how long the PS4 can sell.

If the PS4 manages to reach 10 million, congrats to it. It finally manages to do what the Switch just did in a shorter time frame and without the need of a fad like the Wii had, even with all the hype and the third party support the Switch could ever dream of. We will eventually find out either by the end of the year or sometime next year, once the PS5 eventually becomes the focus.

 Tlou2 can boost ps4 or not wasnt the main point. My posts were weather ps4 can sell 10 million or not and i said it only needed to average 10k for the next 2 years to reach that.  Many if not all thought it wont average 10k therefore it wont reach 10 million and it seemed like you agreed with them. I want to see console do well in japan but for some reason many of you dont wanna believe ps4 can reach 10 million when it wasnt hard to see why it can achieve it.