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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Favourite Nintendo system in terms of hardware (Not software)

Probably have to go Switch, love the hybrid functionality, compact nature of the thing, and the detachable controllers. It's much more comfortable for me to play with the Joycons separately in each hand. 


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From just the hardware perspective, I think mine is going to be a tie between Switch and GameCube. I have owned every Nintendo console - even the Virtual Boy lol! - but Switch and GameCube are my favs for hardware. Switch for the obvious reasons; GameCube for its unique shape and same size, and that amazing controller.

It gotta be Switch. Apart from the dual screen, it does everything what other Nintendo consoles can do.

The Switch really is quite ingenious when it comes to its sheer versatility and how many different ways it can be used, from traditional handheld, to traditional console, to tabletop, the many different uses of the Joycons, even crazy shenanigans like LABO.

Just give it better buttons/sticks and a proper front-facing IR pointer and it'd be my favourite by far.

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Gamecube for me, there was something about the tiny game disks, that purple colour, the handle and the amazing controllers that I just loved so much. It also had the best start up screen ever!