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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict the Next Direct (Weekend of February 22nd Edition)


When will the next Nintendo Direct be?

March 1st to 5th 1 33.33%
March 6th to 10th 1 33.33%
March 11th to 15th 0 0%
March 16th to 20th 0 0%
March 21st to 25th 1 33.33%
March 26th to 31st 0 0%
April 1st to 5th 0 0%
April 6th to 10th 0 0%
April 11th to 15th 0 0%
April 16th to 20th 0 0%

So, now that the Animal Crossing New Horizon Direct is over, let's see when the next Direct might be.

I think it'll be just about a month from now, but there's always the possibility that something comes up and they have to reschedule.

Alright, let's get predicting.

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NightlyPoe said:

With respect, there's no need for a new thread. The previous one was about a general Direct, not a game-specific one. In fact, the topic post said so explicitly.

super_etecoon said:

Ok, folks...It's definitely that time again.  We haven't had a real Direct since September 4th, 2019 and with Animal Crossing on the *cough cough* horizon, I thought we should get out our predicting caps once again.

This is for an actual Direct, not a game specific direct, so an Animal Crossing Direct, a nindies showcase, or an off the wall Labo-style reveal will not count.

So what do you all think?  When will the Big N drop the next Direct on us hungry, huddled masses?

Emphasis added.

I missed that part.

Only saying the first week of March because it's my 5th anniversary.

Other dates it could be. March 10th (my dads birthday) or March 12th (my 12th anniversary on this site. Feeling extra lucky with this one...might change my vote if March 3rd happens and there's no direct).

Also, locking since the other thread is still up and running.