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cycycychris said:
Ryuu96 said:
Is anyone still receiving that awful mobile ad?

It seems to come in waves. You get it for a day then won't see it for a week.

Great...I've been trying to get it to pop up, Talon needs the source code for certain bad ads...

If anyone sees it again, don't refresh and shoot one of us staff a PM so we can get it.

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The bareMinerals ad is covering the scroll bar. I can't scrll down the page.

In the home page some ads, luckily a minority, make the page lock and impossible to scroll down, it's necessary to reload it, hoping a harmless ad replaces the faulty one.
The ad that I'm quite sure caused it the most, and almost every time it's loaded, is the Fuser wallpaper.

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Windows 10, chrome.
The new Macy's add is just removing any possibility of scroll down.bility of scrolling the site, have to keep hitting refresh to get fast to where I want.

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The Macy's add haven't been resolved yet and now a new AD is doing the same problem. And well all ads are taking more than half screen even when working.