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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 WILL NOT Have PS4 Biggest Problem

EricHiggin said:
Spending this kind of money, in comparison to what is typical, makes me think PS5 will be another slimmer model console like PS4/Pro was at launch. They could choose to go with a bigger shell and cheaper cooling like XB1 did, or a smaller shell and expensive cooling like XB1X. Sounds like they may be targeting a smaller than anticipated design.

Long term is much cheaper to expend a couple more dollars on cooling and save on size, because that not only save on the plastic used, but also packaging material, shipping cost and warehousing.

@OP for me the real only issue I have with PS4 is the same I had with PS3, and that was PSN loading and then navigation there, everything there is slow and stuck all the time.

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I haven't had any problems with noise. My PS4 and later the Pro have been in the vertical position on my open TV stand. Maybe it's been getting better ventilation that way, as opposed to a cramming it into an enclosed space and having it in the horizontal position?