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Forums - Movies Discussion - Sonic The Hedgehog movie getting similar reviews to Detective Pikachu, tied for 3rd place overall

Saw it today.
Decently average I would say, much better than Detective Pikachu.
It starts really fun and ends with a lot of promisses but the core movie is just not Sonic.
It's not Sonic the Movie, it's Sonic in a Movie.
This was faded to happen since the reveal, I hope the next will have Sega and Sonic fans involvement from the beginning and be much better.
I'm actually interested on it, it looks like they know what they should do now.

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I have seen neither Detective Pikachu nor the Sonic the Hedgehog movie cause I don't go to the movies anymore. Too expensive in my opinion.

But I won't mind watching both if/when they show up on Netflix over here.

Watched it yesterday. I never cared for Sonic games but the movie was a very good family film. Story was as unoriginal as it gets but it didn't matter, phasing was fluent and jokes were funny. Jim Carrey was hilarious :D What a dick. 

About that top10 list of vg movies.. Assassin's Creed really didn't make it? Surprised about that.

Also Silent Hill should have reviewed better. It wasn't that bad.