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Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
I can't wait for HBO Max. Hopefully they improve their video player and get all the DCU shows on there because that app is awful.

If I wasn't mooching a Netflix sub I'd totally ditch it as I hardly ever go in there anymore

With all the money you have, shame on you for mooching off someone else's Netflix subscription. I do it too but that's different.

Also what's your gripe with Netflix? Not enough of your movies on that platform?

Also I don't like Iron Man, he's a pompous, spoiled and rich, pretentious guy whose ONLY superpower is money. Big deal!!!

Also you're not RDJ, stop trying to pass off for him.

PS: Also I hate Batman even more than I hate Iron Man but don't take this as a compliment.

PPS: If you're really RDJ, just shup up and give me an autograph! Something that says you love me and that I'm amazing should do.

PPPS: huh, no, that's it, I think I've said everything I needed to say here.

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I would say the reason a lot of us get pissed with the other streams after Netflix is the same for the reason we don't want stream on consoles and subs. Because it wasn't really the case that a lot of content that didn't exist on Netflix started with the new subs it was more like a lot of content left netflix because those rights owners wanted more money.

Simply to verify some occurences. Crunchyroll lost a lot of shows when AmazonPrime and Netflix started to poach them.

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