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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Interactive Entertainment closes Manchester Studio, bringing the 1st party studio count down to 14

Machina said:
twintail said:

Liverpool weren't making money, like it is that simple. and WipeOut is not the successful IP it used to be. Besides, the studios behind Omega Collection, who both do contract work for Sony, could potentially make a new game.

I don't think it was even a decent success. And the Motorstorm was also not that successful post the first game. After the incredibly botched launch, it is no wonder that Evolution was eventually  closed down. 

it sucks studios close down but be real guys, we are talking about studios that clearly had issues with finance. 

Because they had to make an effing Vita game! If they'd made a full-blooded PS3 game and it had bombed I'd have accepted the need to close them. But I'll never not be salty about them being closed after having to make a game for a paltform that Sony itself made dead on arrival. 

Liverpool were suffering problems in 2010 following the release of Wipeout hd in 2008 and it's expansion in 2009.

They wouldn't have had the staff or resources to commit to a new console Wipeout after the restructuring, and they themselves have publicly mentioned how vita development was easier to do.

The reality is that they were either given the vita project or just shut down with the Wipeout hd expansion being their final release.

They werent financially viable for years, and that is why they were shut down.

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Machina said:
shikamaru317 said:
This makes the 5th UK first party studio that Sony has closed in the last decade. The other 4 are Guerrilla Cambridge, Evolution Studios, Studio Liverpool, and Bigbig Studios.


Those two still hurt, especially Studio Liverpool, since that effectively killed the WipEout series. Sent out to die by being drafted to work on a DoA-in-the-west handheld. They hadn't made any bad games either.

long live Psygnosis .they should bring studio liverpool  back in that guise I well remember their  8 and 16 bit games under Ian Hetherington and like you said wipeout.