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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Poke'mon Mystery Dungeon Demo Discussion Thread


What did you think of the Demo?

I liked it. 4 80.00%
I didn't like it. 0 0%
I haven't played it yet. 1 20.00%
tak13 said:
uran10 said:

As someone who played the original version of it, yes the difficulty will increase.... There are some dreaded dungeons..... urgh.... some dreaded dungeons.... I still wonder how the hell I beat that Jirachi one..... hated every second of it.... gonna have to do it again... oh god..

What about celebii...?

At least, it's becoming your friend by the time you meet it, unlike jiraji, which you have to fight it, after striving to survive 99 floors and retain friend bow, albeit celebii level is much harder... 

I had tried three times, three f@CK@ng times and it didn't follow me.

I know this is an ancient game but could you use spoiler tags next time?