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Forums - Sports Discussion - Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 due to helicopter crash.

Mamba is out, RIP

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Weird, me and my cousin were just having a game night and talking about wanting to replay Kobe Bryant NBA courtside.

I'm stunned, so sad given how young he still was. As a Bulls fan, I definitely saw Kobe as the one player carrying the torch of NBA supremacy after MJ. Was truly a one of a kind player, just an insanely great sharpshooter. RIP :(


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Awful news RIP :(

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Yesterday, I actually got a call from my mom asking if it was true. I told her it probably wasn't. Wow. When you mention the greatest basketball players of all time, three names lead the pack. LeBron, Jordan, and Kobe Bryant. This is crazy!!

Thinking about it, we've lost someone who was considered "the best" or iconic in their field every year since like 2009. Stan Lee, Robin Williams, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc.

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I'm sorry to hear about the loss of innocent people dying. But at least the helicopter gave Kobe's rape victims justice.

I'm saying that, stop respecting him. He's no saint. Instead of remembering him, remember the INNOCENT people on that flight. They deserve the respect and acknowledgement.

I mean, the poster is a slut
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