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Weekly update, biggest trend is the data becoming less coherent

In total 4.39 million new cases were reported last week (down from 6.11 million) to a total of 530,784,186
Also another 10,632 more deaths were reported (down from 12,335) to a total of 6,309,502

The USA just passed Europe again in the 3-day average, in reported cases for the week close to the same, 756K vs 757K
Europe is still leading in reported deaths, 4,108 last week (5,824 the week before) vs 2,388 in the USA (2,303 the week before)

The continents

Asia is coming back down thanks to a miraculous recovery in North Korea with very few deaths...

According to North Korea, its fight against COVID-19 has been impressive: About 3.3 million people have been reported sick with fevers, but only 69 have died.

If all are coronavirus cases, that's a fatality rate of 0.002%, something no other country, including the world's richest, has achieved against a disease that has killed more than 6 million people.


Every morning, North Korea releases details about the number of new patients with fever symptoms, but not with COVID-19. Experts believe most cases should be counted as COVID-19 because while North Korean health authorities lack diagnostic kits, they still know how to distinguish the symptoms from fevers caused by the other prevalent infectious diseases.

North Korea's daily fever tally peaked at nearly 400,000 early last week; it has nosedived to around 100,000 in the past few days. On Friday, it added one more death after claiming no fatalities for three consecutive days.

"Our country set a world record for having no single (COVID-19) infection for the longest period ... and we've now made an achievement of reversing the tide of the abrupt outbreak in a short period," the main Rodong Sinmun newspaper said Thursday. "This evidently proves the scientific nature of our country's emergency anti-epidemic steps."

It's all propaganda

The most likely course is that North Korea soon proclaims victory over COVID-19, maybe during a June political meeting, with all credit given to Kim's leadership. The 38-year-old ruler is desperate, observers say, to win bigger public support as he deals with severe economic difficulties caused by border shutdowns, UN sanctions and his own mismanagement.

Meanwhile, South America is creeping up again, winter time

Corners of the world

China still doing their thing massaging the statistics.
Iran is either doing really well or doing the same thing, only 231 new cases last week.

Europe in detail

Threads slowly unraveling.

Canada reported 18.3K new cases (down from 25.0K) and 303 deaths (447 last week)
We had a big dip in measuring around Canada day and of all the people I've heard of recently getting Covid-19, none got an official test, none got counted. The ones that did go to the ER just got told to do a home test and quarantine for 5 days. Tracing has been abandoned long ago.

We still don't know where we got it from. My brother-in-law got sick 8 or 9 days after returning from Mexico. Possible from the plane ride but his son could also have caught it in school. Or, 4 days before he and others got sick at his workplace, a regional manager came by commenting them at being one of the few locations that didn't have any Covid illnesses yet. Either he jinxed it, or brought it along...

My wife made it outside for 10 minutes, first time in weeks. She can spend more time out of bed now, baby steps, very weak. Same with my brother-in-law's wife. Our oldest seems to be getting better again after his relapse. He's been home 2 weeks now, had a fever again on Thursday, still coughing a lot. The youngest and his nephew are doing fine. I'm just very tired, not feeling all that good tbh, but no other symptoms.

Ontario currently has 865 people hospitalized for Covid-19 (141 in ICU, 69 on ventilator) 513 were fully vaccinated.

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Weekly update. Milestone reached, first time the official weekly death count falls below 10,000.

In total 3.85 million new cases were reported last week (down from 4.39 million) tot a total of 534,630,656
Also another 9,412 more deaths were reported (down from 10,632) to a total of 6,318,914

Big dip in the USA due to memorial day
Europe heading slightly back up despite less and less reporting

The continents

South America, USA and Europe slowly creeping up, Asia, Africa and Oceania slowly heading down

Corners of the world

Canada reported 17.0K new cases (down from 18.4K) and 268 deaths (303 last week)

Europe in detail

Ukraine is no longer reporting at all, half the countries are now updating once or twice a week.
Germany, Spain, Belgium,Netherlands and Austria are slowly trending back up

My wife is slowly recovering. She's no longer stuck in bed but has to take things very slowly. Still bad coughing fits and if she does a bit too much she gets dizzy and gets the urge to vomit and trouble breathing. I would say she's about 30% / 40% of her normal. But it's getting better at least.

The good news
It will be a while until we reach that milestone here

The bad news
Still going on Shanghai

And more of the unbelievable news

Deaths would still be above 10,000 if NK was reporting the actual counts, same for Ukraine and likely Russia, and all the other places that are under counting. But that has been the same ish all pandemic, so the milestone stands. Finally less than 10K official deaths per week since this thing started. Next milestone, less than a 1,000 a day!

Weekly update, WHO says cases and deaths are dropping nearly everywhere, and they go straight back up the week after...

In total 5.10 million new cases were reported last week (up from 3.85 million) to a total of 539,733,561
Also another 10,863 more deaths were reported (up from 9,412) to a total of 6,329,777

Most of the climb in cases is coming from Europe this week, 1.78 million vs 773K last week, and 4,098 deaths vs 3,307 last week.
USA had 796K new cases vs 751K last week, and 2,306 deaths vs 2,151 last week.

The continents

Asia still heading down a bit, Europe shooting up, South America continues to rise slowly.

Corners of the world

Canada reported 16.7K new cases (17.0K last week) and 282 deaths (268 last week)
India is starting to gain some momentum, Brazil slowly rising

Europe in detail

Cases are rising again across the board.

Here we're doing away with the rest of our mask mandates, no longer needed on public transport and in healthcare situations. People are still advised to use them yet they'll probably quickly fade away as they did in other settings.

Random testing for Covid-19 at airports is now suspended

I guess cases will go back up here as well.

My wife still has nasty coughing fits and sometimes trouble breathing. Long road to recovery. I would say she's now at 50/60% of what she could do before Covid-19. My oldest also still seems winded rather quickly, youngest still complains of stomach/bowel issues. What a lovely disease :(

The US has now gotten rid of the pre flight test requirements.

So now while a lot more convenient for me and my travel plans, it might lead to less testing and tracking of the disease and its variants.

However the CDC basically says it doesn't matter because there is already so much covid in the country and around the world.

^ I mean, it should be fairly evident by now that pre-flight testing has never stopped any variant from coming to the US.

We are likely seeing well over 50% SGTF (BA.4 and BA.5) in Brazil now. It was 44% a week ago.






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BA.4 and BA.5 are gaining ground in Europe

Two new subvariants of Omicron, BA.4 and BA.5, are spreading more quickly than other corovanirus variants in Europe, which could lead to more hospitalizations and deaths as they become dominant, the EU's disease prevention agency said on Monday.

Most EU countries have so far detected low rates of the two subgroups. But in countries where the proportion has risen - such as Portugal, where BA.5 accounted for 87 per cent of cases by May 30 - there have been surges in overall cases, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said on Monday.

BA.4 and BA.5 do not appear to carry a higher risk of severe disease than other forms of Omicron. But an increase in case numbers from higher transmission rates risks leading to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths, the ECDC said.

"The growth advantage reported for BA.4 and BA.5 suggest that these variants will become dominant," it said in a statement on its website.

Week over week cases in the UK are currently growing the fastest (+61%), followed by the Netherlands, Norway (both +50%) and Germany (+47%)

Weekly update. Europe continues to climb, weekly deaths are under 10K again.

In total 3.89 million new cases were reported last week (down from 5.10 million) to a total of 543,620,349
Also another 9,610 more deaths were reported (down from 10,863) to a total of 6,339,387

USA went down a bit in cases 722K cases (796K last week) up a bit in reported deaths 2,590 (2,306 last week)
Europe also went down while climbing in the graph (corrections last week added to the total) 1.30 million new cases (1.78 last week, 773K the week before) Deaths went up in Europe to 4,674 this week (4,098 last week, 3,307 the week before)

The continents

Europe passed Asia again, back on top. Africa had a little growth, the rest stable, slowly declining.

Corners of the world

India continues to grow, the rest stable and slowly declining.

Europe in detail

The general trend is up, even though less and less regular reporting.

Things look fairly quiet and predictable for the time being.






Yep, there are some ups and downs but overall no more big outbreaks.
Also at home things are looking up, no full recovery yet but getting better every week.

It's still good to stay careful though:

As the summer approaches and COVID-19 health measures continue to loosen, experts say the rise of subvariants of Omicron could lead to another spike in cases in Canada.

The subvariants of BA.4 and BA.5 have been fueling growing case counts in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere around the world. In Canada, the two variants made up 3.9 per cent and 6.5 per cent of COVID-19 cases, respectively, according to samples collected the week of May 29. Cases of BA.2.12.1, another growing subvariant, also represent 40.5 per cent of cases.

At a media briefing on Friday, Canada's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Theresa Tam noted the growth of these subvariants, saying that they have "demonstrated a growth advantage in additional immune escape" over previous variants, citing waning vaccine immunity and viral evolution.

They already want to get rid of the term 'fully vaccinated' here since it's quickly losing meaning. It seems Covid vaccines will become like the yearly flu shot. Maybe they can combine the two?

Weekly update, cases increasing further in Europe

In total 4.5 million new cases were reported last week (up from 3.89 million) to a total of 548,168,839
Also another 9,927 more deaths were reported (slightly up from 9,610) to a total of 6,349,314

Europe is driving the rise in reported cases, 1.95 million new cases (1.30 million last week) and 2,945 more deaths (2,674 last week)
USA is staying on the level, 740K new cases (723K last week) and 2,376 more deaths (2,590 last week)

The continents

Apart from Asia, cases are creeping back up everywhere.

Corners of the world

Canada reported 16.4K new cases (up from 13.4K) and 142 deaths (206 last week)
Ontario switched to reporting once a week, hence the big wobble in the graph.
India is still climbing, but less than last week.

Europe in detail

General upwards trend despite spotty testing / reporting. Germany, France and Italy lead the pack.

The pandemic might be far from over, however people can't wait to get back to traveling. Long lines at the passport offices here, people queuing up from 1:30 AM and other people offering to stand in line for you for a fee. Just to get into the chaos at the airports....

It's definitely the end of social distancing :/ Tourism has started back up locally as well.
A two-day outdoor market will take over downtown Paris later this month. (This weekend)
Chaos here as well, I'm staying away from downtown. It's very busy on the river as well, lots of rafts, canoes and paddle boards.

Yesterday we even had a motor boat and jet skis dicking around behind our house, bouncing off the rocks. Highly dangerous and illegal. One kid crashed his jet ski and they were trying to figure out what was wrong with it while holding it sideways in the river. It's a protected natural area and our drinking water comes from the river. Absolutely no gas or oil spills. It's hot, people become bigger idiots as the temperature rises.