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You concerned yet?

Yes 90 49.18%
No, but I will be followi... 50 27.32%
No, its being overblown 43 23.50%

2nd wave (really 1st wave for many states) is turning down and that will be the end of covid in the US just in time for the election. Topic will be memory holed soon.

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JRPGfan said:
France and Spain worry me.... looking at daily grow over the last two weeks that looks like exponential growth to me.
They clearly have a new outbreak (a 2nd wave) and need to do something to fight it just like the first wave (potentially another lockdown).

France, Spain and the EU have a case-demic caused by increased testing with low specificity pcr tests with nearly no death.

numberwang said:

2nd wave (really 1st wave for many states) is turning down and that will be the end of covid in the US just in time for the election. Topic will be memory holed soon.

Are you sure? I'm actually hoping Covid makes a rebound, just in time for early Nov.

RolStoppable said:
Nighthawk117 said:

Sounds like something from the mouth of Adolf Hitler.

Thank you Germany, your biggest gift to planet Earth is that asshole.

Now now, give credit where credit is due. Hitler was Austrian.

But in fairness to the Germans, if it hadn't been for their collective naivity at pretty much every corner of Hitler's path to power, none of it would have ever happened.

Having fun with your US stimulus check?

"A retiree in Austria says he received a U.S. government coronavirus relief check for $1,200, despite not having lived in America for over half a century.


Austrian public broadcaster ORF reports the 73-year-old man from Linz, who worked as a waiter in the United States for two years in the 1960s, was able to cash the check.

His wife, who never worked or lived in the United States, got one too.

ORF reports banks in Austria confirm they’ve cashed dozens of checks for residents of the Alpine country. It’s unclear how many were entitled to the money."

According to other sources there were already over 100 Austrians that cashed in the check, so at least $120k in US tax payer money right into Austrian pockets.

Nighthawk117 said:

Even if Hillary were president, instead of Trump, the US would still have 200k dead from the China virus. The American people don't listen to their leaders, they would rather flip them the bird.

You have met Australians right?
We abused our leader, we ridiculed our leader, we dragged our leader through the mud, we refused to shake our leaders hand... And that was in January this year while the country was burning.
COVID hit and our leader introduces measures to curb it's spread, we listened and we complied for the benefit of the entire nation.

Amazing how one single corrupt, incompetent, selfish wanker can have an entire country against him, then support him a month later.... Why? Because his arguments were sound when they needed to be sound.

The reason why Trump just can't convince Americans of anything is simply because... He is an absolute idiot that has divided the nation and keeps it divided and hasn't provided any sound arguments or plans to stop COVID in it's track, it's simply a running joke at this point...

Absolutely destroyed economy, way to many lives lost... And all he cares is probably when he can play Golf next.

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SvennoJ said:
haxxiy said:

Follow-up study on formerly hospitalized patients from Austria show decreasing lung damage and other after-effects in the months following discharge. No severe heart disfuction related to SARS-CoV-2 was observed. Rehabilitation seems to speed up the path to complete recovery as well.

Good news it eventually gets better, however

It is sobering to hear that more than half of the patients in this study showed damage to their lungs and hearts 12 weeks after hospital discharge, and that nearly 40% were still suffering from symptoms such as breathlessness. The good news, however, is that patients do improve and this surely will help the rehabilitation process, as discussed in the second presentation.

We still aren't any wiser whether my wife actually had Covid-19 in Februari, but she is still often short of breath. It's been 6 months now... Too late for regular anti-body tests, not that you can get them here nor T-cell tests (if that exists).

The average age of this group is 61, mostly are male and smokers. All have been hospitalized, with a significant portion needing mechanical ventilation even. It doesn't seem feasible your wife would be worse off than these people unless perhaps she's a true long-hauler, but then, these are in truth fairly rare and you would be able to test it.

There's probably a million posts out there in the internet of people wondering if their bad January or February flu was actually Covid-19. Truth is, statistically speaking, the chances are insignificant. Severe bouts of influenza and common cold do happen from time to time, even to healthy, fit people, and these can and will cause organ damage to some (including even the heart).






Barozi said:

7,564 positive cases (-11.1%) with 1,101k tests (+11.6%).

On average there were 1,081 positive cases a day (or 1,261 if you discard Sunday).

228 in ICU (+0.0%)

Finally a week that can be considered as good. Cases dropped by 11% while testing capacity increased by almost 12%. Positivity rate is now only 0.74% which is the 4th lowest value. We're closing in on the testing capacity limit which is around 1.3m to 1.4m tests/week. On the flipside, some labs have reached their limit already. This week, about 35k samples couldn't be tested.

Another increase in positive cases from abroad but the rate at which it's rising is slowing down considerably.
#1 Kosovo - 2,946 (+17%)
#2 Croatia - 2,639 (+47%)
#3 Turkey - 1,825 (+15%)

7,810 positive cases (+3.3%) with 1,050k tests (-4.6%).

On average there were 1,116 positive cases a day (or 1,302 if you discard Sunday).

227 in ICU (-0.4%)

Flat-ish week. Nothing more to report really.

After Bolivia and Ecuador charging up the ranks we now have 5 South American countries in the top 10 of deaths per capita. If the trend continues Spain and UK will be out of the Top 10 within a month unless they can't get their second wave under control.

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TallSilhouette said:
Nighthawk117 said:

The only thing Trump and Hitler have in common is that they are both white men.

Along with the populism, authoritarianism, fascism, xenophobia, etc. Just because we haven't gone full genocidal dictatorship doesn't mean the same tactics and rhetoric haven't been employed.

Oh just stop it, if Trump was a fascist or authoritarian the violent revolutionary communists wouldn't have been allowed to riot for over 100 days, anti-Trump media would have been shut down long ago and the governor and mayors that hate him wouldn't have been allowed to run the states and cities as they want

Nothing to see here, move along